1. Hello guys! Watching the bAka video I noticed one thing: the text of the voice "narrator" does not appear at the top of the screen, but remains in the chat text. Ghostie also pointed this out to me while we were on boatescape, i don't have the write blue at the center of the screen, and i can't know if i have [Internalized Oppression] doors, elevators, buttons or secrets, i always have to watch the chat text. How can I activate it? do I have to enter a command in the console?


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  2. Moltard

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    do you have a custom HUD ? if so you might have clientscheme.res that is very old

    which is missing some lines allowing the text to display
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  3. Fixed, I had deleted the whole my_custom_stuff folder but the custom HUD still remained, I deleted that too and I solved. Thank you Moltard
  4. FierceG

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    Now we are talking about can't we have this as a toggle function? I personally find it ugly and rather have it gone since I chatwhore a lot myself. The only useful thing about it is that counts trigger to 0 and that function isn't on Unloze.