Event #254 || "Winter is Coming - Fake Ninja's Edition"

Alcolo Oasis Oct 17, 2020 at 12:45 PM

  1. Alcolo Oasis

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    Don't forget to join the CS:S Zombie Escape Server on Saturday the 17th of October 2020.
    The hour will be 5 pm GMT+0.
    You can convert to your own timezone by using one of these websites: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/ or https://time.is/
    The Event will be scheduled on the Steam group too, which automatically scales in your own timezone.
    You can also follow the countdown on the forum, based on GMT+0.

    How will the event be?
    We will play the following maps in this order :

    Special Kickers:
    On Survivors, M249 and rifles restricted and 0.9 speed for Humans

    Important: Since this might be a long event, server rules will be enforced more strictly. Too much off-topic mic conversations or other attempts to disrupt the leading or the event will be handled directly with a punishment potentially lasting the entire event.

    About winners?
    3 days VIP
    for winning Survivors
    4 days VIP for winning Avalanche
    5 days VIP for winning Frostdrake

    You can download the maps in the TL;DR.
    Server : CS:S Zombie Escape
    Server IP :
    Maps :
    - ze_survivors_b5
    - ze_avalanche_reboot_beta7
    - ze_frostdrake_tower_v1s
    Special kickers : on Survivors, M249 and rifles restricted and 0.9 speed for Humans
    Date : 17/10/2020
    Time : 5 pm GMT+0
    Leader : Any willing one
    Rewards : 3 days VIP for winning Survivors, 4 days for Avalanche, 5 days for Frostdrake
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  2. William! :D

    William! :D Plumber in a world of perfect pipes Retired Admin VIP

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  3. Alcolo Oasis

    Alcolo Oasis Admin Admin VIP

    Thank you for pointing it out former event manager William.
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  4. u egg

    u egg Admin Admin

    "Winter is coming"

    No GoT map in the list. Oh okay. :thonk:
  5. Fake Ninja

    Fake Ninja VIP VIP

    That's because I didn't want to steal M4dara's idea so that I can come up with other maps that are different than his. Anyways, I hope you kick some a lot of butt in my event and earn those spicy VIP rewards when ya beat 'em! :D
  6. WASD

    WASD Admin Admin VIP

    All VIP rewards have been handed out to those with a forum account!
    Associate your Steam account here to get your VIP in-game: https://unloze.com/account/external-accounts

    Survivors winners:

    Avalanche winners:

    Winners with forum account
    Kitman) - 7 days
    Picklax - 7 days
    Amelia - 4 days
    Azer - 4 days
    Bad-throne_Bzh - 4 days
    Blake - 4 days
    Casper - 4 days
    cee anide - 4 days
    Dana - 4 days
    Darkkiller - 4 days
    Fake Ninja - 4 days
    gayman44 - 4 days
    Jaenus - 4 days
    Kidel - 4 days
    Kiku-san - 4 days
    kttyy - 4 days
    LE M - 4 days
    Ness - 4 days
    NoTek - 4 days
    SaeKax. - 4 days
    Sansa - 4 days
    towel - 4 days
    Waffel - 4 days
    William! :D - 4 days
    XiDeR - 4 days
    yappy - 4 days
    JodERrrr K Puta _MIerdaa d verd - 3 days
    yoshmax - 3 days

    Winners without forum account
    (If you are on this list and want your VIP, pm me or comment below)
    Andrew, Apox/_\, Horace le petit oisillon, ketaec, Kugelschreiber, m4i1s0t, Max, m gogo, Oggy, SHtamp, Ungern​
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