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TheSilentBang Feb 11, 2020

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  1. TheSilentBang

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    You are part of the UN peacekeeping force sent to protect a UNESCO World Heritage Site in a war torn country. Usually you face robbers and an occasional rebel squad but this time the threat analyzed is a different and much more substantial one, Investigate and use lethal force if necessary.

    Event Information
    Don't forget to join the Zombie Riot Server on Saturday the 15th of February.
    The hour will be 7pm GMT+0
    The Event will be scheduled and notified on the Steam group too.
    (If a mistake is done with the Steam group event scheduling, keep this hour as the real one)

    You can also follow the countdown on the forum.
    The TL;DR is at the end. You can download the maps in the TL;DR.

    How will the event go?
    We will be playing the map de_ancient_ruins_v1

    Shotguns will not be purchase-able

    About Winners?
    Top 3 killers
    will be rewarded with 10 days VIP + 90 RPG points
    Players who will have more than 50 kills at the end of the map (meaning at the end of day 11) will be rewarded with 60 RPG points.

    Server: CS:S Zombie Riot
    Server IP:
    Map: de_ancient_ruins_v1
    Date: 15/2/2020
    Time: 7 pm GMT+0 // 8 pm GMT+1 // 9 pm GMT+2
    Prize: From 60 RPG points to 10 days of VIP + 90 RPG points
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  2. Spookie

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    eyyy looks like somebody has a thing against shotguns :inserttollfacehere:
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  3. TheSilentBang

    TheSilentBang Admin Admin

    I actually like them :president:, they are restricted to make the event a bit more balanced and fair since high level RPG players are 10 times more OP with shotguns.
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  4. TheSilentBang

    TheSilentBang Admin Admin

    All VIP rewards have been handed out to those with a forum account!
    Associate your steam account here to get your VIP in-game: https://unloze.com/account/external-accounts
    (Note: If by mistake we have missed your VIP reward, please contact an admin)

    It was an interesting map with a different theme, it was fun to play as well :D Decent event overall but player count was low once again.


    (All RPG points have been handed out)

    Winners with forum accounts

    Fluffball --- 10 days VIP + 90 RPG points
    u egg --- 10 days VIP + 90 RPG points

    Winners without forum accounts
    (If you are on this list and want your VIP, pm me, message an admin on discord or comment below)

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