Event #200 || A piece of mixed solidarity and nostalgia

Alcolo Oasis Dec 3, 2019

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  1. Alcolo Oasis

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    Event #200 || A piece of mixed solidarity and nostalgia


    It's here, the UNLOZE's 200th Event !

    For this event, I decided to come with the following idea : play maps that have been made by staff or regulars from some ZE communities or simply maps that communities used to often play. I gathered the biggest CSS ZE servers remaining nowadays (UNLOZE, GFL, NiDE and Net4all) + few old popular communities (pF, i3D and SteamGamers) and I chose 5 maps for each server. The idea is to create a poll for each community maps (7 polls in total) to in the end play the most voted map of each poll.

    Since I lack of knowledge, this asked me some research work because I had to ask to few old players some informations about older communities and I was also navigating on their old forums.

    I tried to come with something special, I hope you like the idea and I hope you will forgive me if some maps are not correctly associated to the respective community. It was also not easy to only choose 5 maps for 1 server, so sorry if I missed a symbolic map for a community or if your favorite community is not there.

    Anyway, let's now talk about the polls. They are open until Thursday 05/12/19 23:59 GMT+0. As I said, the most voted map of each poll will be played for the event which will be splitted in 2 or 3 days. We will think about it later.

    UNLOZE Maps Poll : https://unloze.com/threads/event-200-unloze-maps-poll.1878/
    GFL Maps Poll : https://unloze.com/threads/event-200-gfl-maps-poll.1879/
    NiDE Maps Poll : https://unloze.com/threads/event-200-nide-maps-poll.1880/
    N4A Maps Poll : https://unloze.com/threads/event-200-net4all-maps-poll.1881/
    pF Maps Poll : https://unloze.com/threads/event-200-pf-maps-poll.1882/
    i3D Maps Poll : https://unloze.com/threads/event-200-i3d-maps-poll.1883/
    SG Maps Poll : https://unloze.com/threads/event-200-steamgamers-maps-poll.1884/

    Make sure to vote everywhere !
  2. William! :D

    William! :D Plumber in a world of perfect pipes Admin

    Amazing idea :pepocheer::pepocheer:
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  3. tom13king

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    Hellz kicker: auto week-mute for swearing
    i3D kicker: month-ban for racism :pepocheer:
  4. bAka

    bAka Admin

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  5. HumanZz

    HumanZz Renowned User

    Racism, where is the glorious EOD server ?
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  6. Meir

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    Looking forward to it!
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