Enable multithreading for higher fps in CS:S



host_thread_mode "1"
mat_queue_mode "2"
mat_compressedtextures "1"
cl_threaded_bone_setup "1"
cl_threaded_client_leaf_system "1"
r_threaded_client_shadow_manager "1"
r_threaded_particles "1"
r_threaded_renderables "1"
r_queued_decals "0"
r_queued_post_processing "0"
mp_usehwmmodels "1"
mp_usehwmvcds "1"
r_fastzreject "1"
mat_picmip "-1"
mat_vsync "0"
mat_forcemanagedtextureintohardware "1"

Put this into your cstrike/cfg/autoexec.cfg

If you want to use the "Create Server" feature you have to temporarily do:
host_thread_mode 0 in your console or else you won't be able to move.
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I saw a similar thing on the Chinese server CS:GO, I decided to transfer it to CSS.
This represents a custom burning effect.
Why more FPS because fewer particles are generated.
Also in my opinion the fire looks more stylish instead of yellow-orange, now it looks blue-red

unzip and copy to "<Counter-Strike:Source folger>/cstrike/custom/<any folder name>/particles/burning_fx.pcf"


PS: Sorry for my English


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I'm a bit late but thank you.

Also, if you experience weapon model flickering like I did, try setting cl_threaded_bone_setup "0" instead.