CS:S ZE Public Changelog

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This is a compilation of all major changes to the Counter-Strike: Source Zombie Escape Server

>>This thread is only meant as information and not open to discussions. If you would like to talk/complain about something please open a new thread pointing at the change you want to talk about<<
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- Global Admin Team

Added @D()[email protected] and @William! :D as new Global Admins.

- Map List

We are currently working on adding a detailed map list to this thread. We also plan to link the maps to the FastDL meaning you can download maps easily here on the forums. Furthermore we would like to tag maps on rotation, those with special settings (for example Failnades enabled) and also the points rewards (for example 100, 150 and so on). Once we are done everyone of you can have a detailed view on all maps with their settings and suggest changes! Stay tuned!

- Fall Damage Maps

We have enabled Fall Damage for Humans on several old school maps. The list of these maps will be tagged once the map list I mentioned above is done. To make sure you are aware of the new "danger" there is a msay shown once you connect to the server telling you about it. We hope this will secure more variety and fun on the server. However we will not force this on you guys and revert it as soon as there is a lot of rejection. Let's keep it this way for some time and test it.

- Zombie Settings

We have increased the health of all zombies classes since we had the feeling, that it is a little too easy to kill zombies. Also the new HPs have been adapted to the specific classes instead of increasing them all parallel, for example the tank class has more HP than the normal zombie class now. Here are the exact changes:

Normal Zombie Class:
- Increased HP from 7'500 to 10'000

Tank Zombie Class:
- Increased HP from 7'500 to 12'000

Speed Zombie Class:
- Increased HP from 7'500 to 8'000

Donator Zombie Class:
- Increased HP from 7'500 to 10'000

- Nomlist

We have restricted the amount of FF and Rooftop Maps that can be nominated at the same time to 2. We have done this to secure more variety in the nomlist and prevent fags filling up the nomlist with FF or Rooftop maps only. The shared cooldown of all FF maps stays as usual.

- Admin List

Added a list of all admins here. The steam pages are linked if you would like to add an admin or simply check their profile page.

- Warm Up Round

We have added warm up round on maps that don't have it their self. We want to make sure late joiners don't miss the first round and also prevent too many !zspawn zombies on the first round.
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(read red only for tl:dr)

- Entirely New Rank System

We totally reworked the rank system taking GFL CS:S ZE as role model. We plan to reset the ranks regularly and grant rewards. Stay tuned for more information soon! For now let's have a look what changed:

- Points for winning a round as an Human:
Now we have 4 difficulty groups for maps instead of 6. The new point rewards for Humans are 20 (easy maps), 40 (normal maps), 80 (hard maps) and 120 (extreme maps). We are in the opinion that 6 groups are too many and also the point rewards were way too high compared to other possibilities to gain points. We will soon list the maplist with their difficulty tags soon, which you can check and suggest changes.

- Points for winning a round as a NORMAL Zombie:
Now Zombies gain 10 Points winning a round, doesn't matter which map. Until now Zombies didn't get any points at all winning a round, which was very unfair.

- Points for winning a round as a MOTHER Zombie:
We reward Mother Zombie with additional 10 points (totally 20) for winning a round, also doesn't matter which map. It's the main goal of the Mother Zombies when Zombies win a round, that's why we want to reward them more.

- Points for Defending:
Shooting Zombies constantly rewards Humans with points (1k damage = 1 point) and also the Top 3 Defenders are rewarded with 12/8/4 points at the end of a round. We want to encourage Humans to defend and reward them for it. This should be a nice thing to gain points and help your team.

- Kill Streak Points:
Since Humans now gain Points for defending, kill streak points are only granted to Zombies now. We want to balance the relation between Zombies and Humans, it should be equal easy/hard to get points. That's why kill streak points (points you get at the end of a round for multiple kills) are no longer granted to Humans, because with the defending points it would be not fair. Also we increased the kill streak points for Zombies a little and increased it even more for Mother Zombies, same as mentioned above we want to reward Mother Zombies more for their effort.

- Points for Playing:
To encourage activity and server loyalty, everyone is granted 5 points every 20 minutes they stay on the server! Keep in mind this resets whenever you leave the server.

Point Reduction for going to Spectate:
Going to Spectate (sm_spec) as Human now costs you 5 points. We want to prevent Humans going to spectate in the last few seconds before they die and not loosing/granting points for their death. You are protected of the point loss when zombies haven't spawned yet and also at the end of a round when a nuke hits all zombies (and they all are dead).
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- New Map List

As promised we have added detailed map list which can be found here. You are welcome to check the list and suggest new maps or changes to existing settings!
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- Skins and Glowcolors

Added a thread showing you what skins and glowcolors we have on our server. Check it here.

- Nomlist

We have also limited the amount of Shroom, Pirates, Random and Jurassic Park Maps, that can be nominated at the same time to 1. As you probably know we already limited FF and Rooftop Maps, but we are strongly the opinion these maps also need to be limited. We really want to secure a various nomlist with different maps.

- Zombies

We changed the HP Regen of Zombies optically. Zombie regen a lot less HP much faster now. Keep in mind that the overall HP gain is same as before, Zombie are not stronger nor weaker! This is just an optical change, since we think it looks "cooler" and more exciting if Zombies keep regenerating HP fast.
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- Points

Getting a trigger grants you 2 points now! This feature is still in development and there might be some wrong detections. Tell us if you find a mistake and we will try to fix.

- Zombie Infection

We reduced the Infection Timer a tiny bit. Motherzombies spawn approximately 2 seconds earlier now. We are the opinion, that Zombies spawn a little late and don't have any chances at the first few holds. We want to change that. As always we don't want to force this to you all, if you make bad experiences please tell us and we can have a look. To balance this change we plan to adapt the Infection Timer to some special Maps, where it definitely needs to be higher. Stay tuned.

- Bhop

We added a new command "sm_bhopstatus". This command will tell you if your bhop is disabled or not. As you might know we have an antihack plugin, that disables bhop of hyperscrollers. Sometimes the plugin detects false triggers, that's why you can now use this command to check things. Admins also have the power to check the bhop of everyone and help changing it.

- Rank Rewards

As mentioned in one of the earlier changelogs, we plan to reset the rank every 3 months and add rewards for the Top 50 Players. We would like to inform you, that we started working on this project and it's going to be realized very soon. Stay tuned for more info soon!
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- Skins

As you probably already know we added new Skins to the server the past few days. Also some Skins were removed. Check the updated thread with all Skins available here.

- Donator Bonuses (Pay 2 Win)

In case you missed this Announcement, we got rid of the Pay2Win on this Server! Let's have a look in details what this means:

1.) Human Donator Classes don't have more HP anymore.
2.) Zombie Donator Classes have the same attributes as the Normal Public Class now. We got rid of faster HP-Regen and reduced knockback.

- Human Settings

As you just read we removed the higher HP on Donator Classes. As Balance to that we set the HP of ALL Human Classes to 125. This is now fair for all players with the same slightly higher HP. However keep in mind that there are some maps, which set your HP to 100 when the map begins.

- Zombie Infection

As promised in the last changelog we went over the map list and set the infection timer a little higher on maps that need it. This has been done as balance to the general Zombie Infection Time reduction some days ago. We might reveal this list later on, for now everyone of you is welcome to suggest changes when you feel like a map has an too low or high infection time.

- ZM (Zombie Hunting)

1.) We added "ZM" as mark to the map list, like this you can check which maps enable Zombie Hunting Mod and suggest changes.

2.) Also we modified the Zombie Classes on this Mod by copying all attributes but the HP from the regular Classes. Here you can see how much HP the ZM Zombies have:

Normal+Donator Zombies 2'000 HP
Fast Zombie 1'750 HP
Tank Zombie 2'250 HP

3.) We are also aware, that sometimes Humans win when the timer is over. Obviously that shouldn't happen and Human must lose in that case. We are trying to fix that. Stay tuned.

- Leader Plugin

As you probably already saw on the server, we added a plugin that marks a chosen leader by an admin. The marking is more effecting rather than just using a beacon. There are visible texts like "defend here" or "follow me". We would really like to give this plugin a shot and test it the next time, because we are sure it can improve the defense with a good leader. Tell us what you think about it!

- rtv (rock the vote)

We have enabled the rtv function even if a nextmap is already chosen. This means you can force change the map with rtv. We really want to give the server the chance the change the map immediately. However to prevent troll rtving in the last round, the rtv function is still automatically disabled when the timelimit drops under 0. In that case it's the last round anyway and you don't have to wait a long time for the mapswitch. Also please keep in mind that Admins still have the final say and the privilege to enable/disable the rtv function earlier depending on the situation.
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- Skins

Added default CS:S Human Skin for the Public. Check it out on !zclass.

- Napalm Duration from Nades

As many of you probably know the burn duration of nades scale on how much damage they deal to Zombies. This feature was added a while ago to encourage Humans to throw nades properly instead of just mindlessly. However we came to the conclusion, that the average burn duration was way too low even if you dealt a decent amount of damage. That's why, we increased the maximum burn duration you can achieve with a good nade on Zombies. Nades still scale on how much damage you deal, but now you are rewarded more with a good nade. This will lead to a slightly higher average Napalm Duration.

- Motherzombie Settings

Motherzombies always had twice as much HP, but didn't regen any HP until they lost half of their HP. That's very unfair, so we decided to change it. Motherzombies now instantly regen HP as soon as they are damaged. The interval and amount of the regen depends on which class you play.

- Rank and Rewards

We reset the rank all 3 months and rewards the Top 25 Player now. More info here https://unloze.com/threads/rank-reset.1112/

- Leader Plugin

We decided to keep the Leader Plugin and have more plans to improve the plugin. Stay tuned.

- Calladmin

All Admins online on Discord are tagged now when someone uses sm_calladmin. This will make sure, that Admins are informed instantly and secure a reaction within a very short time. Whenever you need the help of an admin use it to call us! We like to help.

- Connect Announcer

We added a new plugin, that announces your connection on the server and removed the (shitty) old one. The new one is build up like this:

<Highest Role><Name><Current Rank><SteamID><Country><Custom Message (VIP only)>

As Example:

Admin D()[email protected] [#1] [STEAM_0:0:222863] connected from Switzerland to watch you all die and solo.

The Custom Message is VIP only. Here are the commands to set it up:

sm_joinmsg <text> to set your text (you can use {color} to change the color of the message).
sm_joinmsg to check your current message.
sm_resetjoinmsg to reset your current message.
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(read red only for tl:dr)

- Reserved Slot

Active Players can no longer be kicked from Players with Reserved Slot. Only Spectators can get kicked now and if there is no Spectator at all, Reserved Slot will not get you into the server instantly anymore. This is only fair for active players.

- Admin Extends

We've had a lot of reports and discussions about admin extends recently. In order to get this clear, the global admins set rules for admin extending. Like this all Admins must act the same way and are not allowed to do random stuff. It's simple: Admins are only allowed to make an extendvote after all extends from the regular vote (usually 3 times) are depleted. Only 2 exceptions are obviously events and when the server gets the chance to beat a map. As Example for the second case: The server plays Skyrim and only extended twice from three possible extends. It's last round and currently stage 4 is being played, which is the second last stage. If they manage to beat that stage, an admin is allowed to make an extendvote for the last stage.

We hope, that after this everyone is happy and there are no more random extends. The rules are pretty simple and clear. All Admins have been informed and must follow this. However if that's not the case all of you are welcome to complain, it's your right.

- Rank and Points

To prevent exploiters from !zspawn'ing the last second before all Humans die to get the 10 points, we reduced the Round Win Points for Normal Zombies to just 1. Mother Zombies still get the 10 points additionally, since you can't exploit that. As balance we increased the Kill Streak Points for both Normal and Mother Zombies. Like that you can still get very good points if you tryhard as a Zombie and kill Humans.

- Map Cooldowns

To secure more variety on the server, we increased the default cooldown of maps from 17 to 20. That cooldown means the amount maps you need to play between until you can nominate that map again. We also increased the cooldown drastically more on some overplayed maps. You can check and suggest changes here on the maplist. They are marked as "HIGH-CD".

- Map Limits

We eased the limits (both time and player requirement) for a lot of maps. We are the opinion, that the old limits were a bit too harsh and needed to be changed. It should be a little easier to nominate maps and playing them.

- Calladmin

"sm_calladmin" is no longer VIP only. We want to give everyone the chance to call admins when needed. Please don't troll this function, we take it very serious. Trolling it can get you gagged, that prevents you from using it again. Also you can't target Admins anymore with "sm_calladmin", which was never planned. The idea is to call Admins for Trollers and not report Admins. Use the Appeals Section on the forums if you want to report an admin.

- Leader Plugin

As promised we improved the leader plugin. We have added a whitelist with well known active leaders, who can now set their self as Leader on the server without an admin. Like this they should be able to help the server by leading without needing the help of an admin. Please ask an Technical Assistant or Global Admin to get white-listed, but keep in mind we only add active leaders who play regularly. Here are the new commands:

<white-listed people and admins only> sm_leader to set yourself as Leader and use the plugin (Admins can choose others as Leaders as well)
sm_currentleader to check who's the current leader
sm_leaders lists white-listed possible leaders currently online on the server

You can now also use !leader (the current leader) or @leaders (all white listed possible leaders) to target them. For example you can !sm @!leader to mute everyone but the current leader.
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- Maps Cooldown

We try to get more diversity between maps, the default cooldown for all the map has been increased from 20 to 40. Some maps that always had a higher cooldown than the other maps have been adjusted accordingly.
Shroomforest map got the same treatment as FF-maps

- VIP System

Donating of VIP rewards you win during an event is not allowed anymore. You can only win VIP for yourself.
Also this might one of the biggest change for vips and non-vips, between 6pm and 10pm server time only VIPs can nominate maps. (Server time is France/Amsterdam time, so it GMT+1 or +2 depending of the Summer Time Hour)
To give more weight to the vips some Maps are only nominatable for VIPs (some of them with a very high cooldown).
Normal Admins and Retired Admins do not have the VIP status anymore. Retired Admins got the Member status instead.

- SeflMute Plugin

You can selfmute players now by targeting their steam id. For example sm_sm "#STEAM_0:0:36705011". This can be useful for those who want to add this as a bind to selfmute player they want to ignore all the time (or put into a cfg for multiple targets)

- Vote Map List

You probably already noticed it since this change was made a long time ago, but now the vote map list got a total of 7 maps, 5 from the nomination and 2 random.

- Nomination

Max nomination limit stacks with different groups now. For example you can only nominate 2 ff maps and also only 1 mako at once. Until now you could nominate 2 makos.

- Maps Limits

The minimum players needed are 20+ for semihard maps and 40+ for hard maps.

- Gameplay

In order to try to balance the game and also because we want to see you beat more map, we increased the knockback a bit.
In order to prevent some kind of abuse, human round win points are not granted the first 60 seconds of every round.

- Warmup

The connection ratio needed for warmup plugin is set at 70%. That's mean for a full server you need at least 44 players connected with the map downloaded to end the warmup.
The warmup timer is setted on 10 sec.
(read red only for tl:dr)

- Boss Damage

Been here since some months already. Some maps support this plugin. It displays the 3 top damagers. Dealing most damage to a boss will grant you 3 rank points, second most will grant you 2 points and third most will grant you 1 point. You also earn $ cash in-game for shooting a boss. Since each map needs its own config for the plugin, it might take a while to cover all the maps containing a boss.

- Donation Notifications

A message in chat is now displayed when someone buys VIP.

[UNLOZE] Playername just bought x Month(s) VIP ! Thank you for supporting our servers!!!

- Weapons Clip Size

We have brought some adjustments on some weapons to try to attract people to play with different weapons :
  • TMP clip size got increased from 30 to 40 bullets
  • MP5 clip size got increased from 30 to 45 bullets
  • UMP45 clip size got increased from 25 to 40 bullets
- Zombies Knockback

With the increased clip size on few weapons, we slightly decreased Zombies general knockback to keep the gameplay balanced. We also slightly reduced knockback for headshots (which are already rewarded by higher damage) and increased knockback a bit for shooting arms/legs.
In addition, a 5% knockback boost has been added when the server has less than 20 players.

- Zombies Classes

Zombies skins got some specific advantages in the past (Tank Zombie got more HP but less knockback and less burn duration, Speed Zombie got more speed but more knockback, etc.). We got rid of that. All Zombies classes are now the same (same speed, same burn duration, same knockback).

- rtv (Rock The Vote)

We increased rtv ratio to 70%. We think that this option should represent the majority of the server population, and not just some people rtv'ing to change a map because they dislike it.

- Members and VIPs changes

Draugr Zombie skin is now available for Members. We remind you that Members have 1 special human skin too. To have access to Member status, put our Clan Tag while you are on the server.
VIPs with their connect messages from sm_joinmsg are now shortly shown as csay upon connect.

- New Commands

sm_zecommands : web shortcut to https://unloze.com/zecommand/commands.html
sm_toggletag : toggle your tag and colors settings for tag/name/chat
sm_hide_lennies : to filter lennies in chat
sm_smradio : to mute radio messages
sm_extendsleft : to check how many extends are left by regular votes
sm_hide_connect_csays : to hide the csay connect announcer in the middle of your screen when a VIP connects on the server
sm_vip : displays a menu to change skin, chat colors, tags, etc.
sm_settings : covers pretty much some commands stated above

- Rank Points

Rank Points rewards for staying on the server have been reworked. The longer you stay on the server, the more you get points. Points increased every 30 minutes : for 30 minutes you get 2 points, for 1 hour 2x2+1 (means 3 points bonus), for 1.5 hours 2x3+2 (means 6 points bonus), for 2 hours 2x4+3 (means 9 points bonus) and so on.

- Zombie Immunity on Nemesis maps

Being TopDefender on Nemesis maps will not protect you from being Mother Zombie anymore.

- Warmup Rounds

Warmup rounds at the beginning of maps have now a 60 seconds timer. Either 70% of the players connect and it counts down from 15 seconds or maximum 60 seconds. When one of these conditions is filled, the round restarts.

- Server Title

Server Title now changes on Nemesis maps :
UNLOZE | Nemesis Zombie Escape | FastDL | Ranking

You probably have noticed that already but it also changes on maps supporting the Stage Display plugin.
Example for last stage on Westersand :
UNLOZE | Zombie Escape | FastDL | [STAGE 4 - GODMODE]

As for the Boss Damage plugin, maps need a config for that.

- New EntWatch

We are since very recently running a new EntWatch that is not compatible with old stuff as you maybe noticed. This new EntWatch still needs to be worked on and current configs might be outdated, explaining why !hud is broken. Please tell us if you find any bugs.
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(read red only for tl:dr)

- Rank Points

Solo winning a map (whatever if you are Human or Zombie) will now reward you with 300 points.
Kill streaks point for Mother Zombies have been buffed.
Winning a hard map as Human now grants you 70 points (80 in the past). Rank points were mainly dominated by this reward.
Points for shooting Zombies have been modified. You now have 2 points for dealing 2.000 damage to Zombies (1 point for 1.000 damage in the past).

- Weapons

M3's knockback has been increased a bit.

- Maps & Nominations Changes

ze_paranoid_ultimate_v10_4 has been added on the server and is in public rotation. However, v11 and v10 share the same cooldown and only one can be nominated at the same time.

Extends on failnade maps have been reduced from 3 to 2.
Extends on the knife_fun maps have been reduced to 1.

Time restriction for Minas has been modified (from 19:30 - 23:00 to 19:30 - 22:00 server time).
Added a time restriction for ze_mist_v1_3. It can be nominated only between 19:00 - 23:00 server time.
Added a time restriction for Paranoid maps : 14:00 - 22:00 server time.

Final Fantasy maps can not be nominated anymore during Paranoid.

Added Nemesis Mode on ze_parkour_fix.

Added the following maps in public rotation :
  • ze_2012_fix2 (removed ze_2012_b3b)
  • ze_666_crazy_escape_b3s
  • ze_abandoned_industry_va2s
  • ze_artika_base_v1_2s
  • ze_bioshock_v7_1 (removed ze_bioshock_v7)
  • ze_fiendlordkeep_v4_2
  • ze_halo_v1_3
  • ze_hidden_fortress_v1_0
  • ze_illya_b4 (removed ze_illya_b3)
  • ze_italy_town_v3
  • ze_solstice_redux_b1
  • ze_stalkermonolit_v6 (removed ze_stalker_monolit_a5)
  • ze_standart_map_final_fix2

- Serverhop Plugin

This plugin has been added on our servers. Type !hop or !servers to display the other servers with the map currently playing and the number of players on. Chose a server by pressing the correct button and it will automatically redirect you to the chosen server.

- Warmup Rounds

We increased the connection ratio from 70 to 80% but reduced the countdown from 15 to 10 seconds. We had the sensation that on the most common maps, where most of people join fast, the warmup round was skipped. Hopefully this will fix this issue. Keep in mind that it's either 80% of the players connected and then the 10 seconds countdown or the maximum 60 seconds countdown.

- Welcome Notifications

New players to any Unloze server will be announced in chat globally to everyone upon connect :

Player Playername has just connected to an UNLOZE Server for the first time! Welcome!

The new players also receive a personnal message about adding the server to their favorites and our website link.

- Happy Hour

During the morning and late at night, the server is put into Happy Hour mode. During Happy Hour, everyone gets 50% bonus on rank points.
Happy Hour is enabled between 9am - 2pm and 11pm - 4am
(server time).
You can type !hh to check if Happy Hour is currently enabled or not.
An automatic repetitive message is displayed on the chat to let players know when it's enabled.
Server's title also includes [HappyHour] when it's enabled.

- StageDisplay

Most of stages maps are now supported with the StageDisplay plugin. The current stage is displayed on the server name on the server browser.

- EntWatch

Most of the configs have been updated to the new EntWatch. Few maps might not have a config yet.

- AFK Manager

AFK Manager is now a bit more aggressive. The plugin will start kicking AFK players even when the server is not full.

- Selfextend Command

We added a new command on the server : sm_selfextend.
This command is only available when all the regular extends are depleted and when there is no active admin online.
The command requires 60% from all the players to be used. It can only be used twice and each extend is 10 minutes.
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(read red only for tl:dr)

- New Commands

!zammo : command for humans and gives you unlimited ammo for 6 seconds. Costs 4.500 $. Might be reworked in the future.
!zcleanse : command for zombies and grants you immunity against fire (items & nades) and extinguishes it if you are currently burning. You can also press R to activate it. Only 2 uses per round, which lasts 4 seconds each. Might be reworked in the future.
!hide_commands : mutes all commands in chat if you want to keep your chat clean (such as !he, !spec, !zspawn, etc.)
!hide_chat : blocks all messages in chat
!hidetimer : to hide the race timer's HUD
!hitmarker (or !hm) : to display the menu for hitmarkers (see below)
!playtime : to display your playtime (see below)
!topplaytime : to display top12 record holders (see below)

- Race Timer

Jenz worked on a web page for race timers : http://racetimerweb.unloze.com/#/leaderboard

- Player Rankings

Like for TopDefenders, the top 3 zombies infectors are shown when a round ends. They are ranked by their amount of infections and get points in the same way as TopDefenders (12 for top1, 8 for top2 and 4 for top3).
The top infector gets a skull above his head on the next round.

All top 3 defenders/infectors now get an extra nade the next round.

- Maps & Nominations Changes

  • We added a time restriction to the following maps. They can only be nominated between 14:00 - 23:00 server time :
  • Moved the following maps to admin list :

  • Cooldowns on surf maps have been increased.
  • When a FF map is played, Paranoid can not be nominated.
  • We disabled the VIPs nomination timeframe (used to be 6pm - 10pm). Everyone can now nominate maps again during this time.
- Map Votes

Everyone has now a random vote menu in order to prevent people being influenced by number spammers.

- Maps Cooldown System

The map-based cooldown system for maps got replaced with a time-based system. Default cooldown is 24 hours.

- VIPs Changes

VIPs have now long-range sprays (works like admins, but with still a cooldown).

- Happy Hour

Happy Hour now starts 1 hour earlier in the evening and stops 1 hour earlier in the night (10pm - 3am). No changes for the morning (still 9am - 2pm).

- Hitmarkers

We added hitmarkers for touching zombies and bosses. You can enable or disable them whenever you want, enable sound and have choice between 3 differents hitmarkers. Type !hm or !hitmarker to access the menu.
You also got a hitmarker for shooting every breakable things (doors, vents, etc.).

- Quick Switch Knife

You are now able to instantly knife after switching from a gun/rifle/nade to the knife.

- Playtime Stats

Since the Connection Time is always resetted with the rank reset every 3 months, we added a new plugin that saves your playtime.
Type !playtime to know how much time you played (since October 2019).
Type !topplaytime to display the top12.
It works independently on ZE, MG and ZR.

- Lag Compensation

New plugin added by Botox.
All moving stuff that hurts you (lasers, boss attacks, etc.) and moving bosses are now lag compensated.
So it doesn't matter how high your ping is at the lasers anymore, everyone has 0 ping in this regard now.
What you see on your screen is how it will be calculated on the server.
If the predator boss moves quick then you don't have to shoot in front of it anymore to hit it.
This makes these maps fair for every player, and of course it means that you will have to jump over the laser later now.
(read red only for tl:dr)

- rtv (Rock The Vote)

Spectators are now counted into the rtv ratio. Going spectator to decrease the number of rtv required does not work anymore. In return, AFK players are not counted anymore. The ratio is still 70%.

- Zombies Knockback

We increased a bit the general knockback on Zombies at the beginning of the new year to make the gameplay a little bit more casual.
The 5% extra knockback is now active when the server has less than 32 players (used to be 20). We hope this is helpful to improve the game experience when the population is low.

- Weapons Clip Size

We changed clip size of the following weapons with a view to attracting players to play with different weapons :
  • M4 clip size got increased from 30 to 45 bullets
  • AK-47 clip size got increased from 30 to 40 bullets
  • MP5 clip size has now 50 bullets (we increased it last year to 45 bullets)
  • Deagle clip size got increased from 7 to 14 bullets
  • Glock clip size got increased from 20 to 30 bullets
- Maps & Nominations Changes

We modified the VIP exclusive map list.

Extends on Paranoid have been removed. In return, the timelimit is 25 minutes (20 by default).
Extends on Nemesis maps have been reduced to 1 but we reduced their cooldown.

Added a time restriction for Gris and Grau (14:00-23:00).

We reworked on the time and players restrictions on some maps.

We changed the cooldown of some maps too.
Speaking about cooldown, we also edited the default 24 hours cooldown of a map in order to prevent them being played at the same hours. Default cooldown is now 28 hours.

You can check all the maps restrictions here : https://unloze.com/mapchooser_css_ze/mapchooser_extended.cfg

- Item Owners

Item owners are now protected from becoming Mother Zombie in order to prevent an item being dropped and lost outside the map at the beginning of the round (example : the ring on Moria).

- entWatch

Items on the hud are now displayed to the same team of the item owner and not globally anymore (only Humans can see Human items on the hud and they can't see Zombie items and vice versa).

- Map Votes

The map votes are not shown in live anymore. You will only see the final result of the vote in the chat.
We reduced the percentage for run-off votes from 60 to 51%. If the winning choice has more than 51%, it will be set as the next map. If it's less than 51%, it will trigger a run-off vote.

- LagCompensation

Following the poll we recently had, LagCompensation on lasers has been removed, meaning the plugin doesn't affect trigger entities anymore. It now takes into consideration only moving bosses.
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(read red only for tl:dr)

- Weapons Clip Size

  • AUG clip size got increased from 30 to 40 bullets
  • SG552 clip size got increased from 30 to 40 bullets

- Nominations Changes

We reworked on the restrictions on few maps.
Check this to be updated on them : https://unloze.com/mapchooser_css_ze/mapchooser_extended.cfg

- Poll Command

We added a poll command in-game. Simply type !poll. The objective is to gather a larger quantity of votes, because the votes in the forum doesn't represent the entire community.

- Grenade Skins

VIPs have now access to skins for their grenade.
Here is the following list of skins available for now :
  • Angery Nut
  • Holy Grenade
  • Banana
  • Melon
  • Orange
  • Creepy Doll
  • Turtle
  • Goldfish
  • River Fish
  • Snowman Head
  • Glass Bottle
  • Gift
  • Rollermine
  • Lenny Face
  • Lenny Sad
  • Eevee
  • Shiny Eevee
  • Poké Ball
  • Great Ball
  • Ultra Ball
  • Master Ball
  • GS Ball
Type !nadeskin to access the menu.

- Player Skins

We changed some player skins, following the polls we ran the past few weeks.

Concerning Zombie Skins :
Collector Drone, Draugr and Glowing One have been removed.
Alien Drone, Verdugo and Geth Trooper have been added.
Alien Drone is public. Verdugo and Geth Trooper are for VIPs.
Husk has been moved from Donator to Member skin.

Concerning Human Skins :
Yakecan, Engineer, Lilith, Wesker, Marisa, Scarecrow and Combine Super Soldier have been removed.
50 Cent, NanoSuit, Moon Knight, Rorschach, Tiara, TF2 Sniper and Sam Fisher have been added.
TF2 Sniper is for Members. The others are for VIPs.
Section 8 (top25 rank reward skin) got replaced by Tesla Power Armor.

Check this thread to look their appearances : https://unloze.com/threads/cs-s-ze-skins-and-glowcolors.1090/

- Ghost Plugin

A ghost plugin has been added. When you are dead, type !ghost to respawn as a ghost.
You will be able to walk around or bhop around the map as you wish. Other players can not see you and you can not interact with buttons or triggers.
You can also hold E to enable noclip.
This feature is for now only available on Nemesis maps.
Please report any potential issue you can encounter.
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(read red only for tl:dr)

- Maps Nominations

Nemesis maps have now a 8 hours cooldown and 3 maps cooldown inbetween each Nemesis map (it was 1 map cooldown).
FF Maps have now a 5 maps cooldown inbetween each FF map (it was 1 map cooldown).

Number of extends on surf maps have been reduced to 1 (except froyo).
Number of extends on mountain_escape have been reduced to 2.
Timelimit on Paranoid is back to 20 minutes with 1 extend (it was 25 minutes without extends before). Its cooldown is 64 hours.
Timelimit on knife_fun has been decreased from 20 to 12 minutes and has only 1 extend which is also 12 minutes (instead of the usual 15 minutes extend).

Check this to be updated on map restrictions : https://unloze.com/mapchooser_css_ze/mapchooser_extended.cfg

- Player Skins

Alien has been removed. It got replaced by Fleshpound.

- ZSkills

We did some modifications to bring some balance :
  • Added a 4 seconds cooldown between the 2 uses of ZCleanse
  • ZCleanse is not available for 4 seconds right after an Infection to prevent unintended uses
  • Added a 10 seconds cooldown between each ZAmmo uses
  • Zammo is not available anymore before the first Infection

- RockTheVote

We changed the ratio which is slightly lower when more No-Steam players are playing.
As soon as rtv is available after the initial delay of a map start or a rtv vote, there is a message in the chat as notification.

- VIP Grenade Skins

Added a football ball skin.

- Server Restart

The server will now always restart after a certain amount of uptime has been exceeded (50 hours). The goal is to prevent unplanned server crashes due to a long server uptime.
The restart will happen on mapchange and ideally you should reconnect automatically. Everyone on the server is aware on the chat that it will restart when map switches. Loading time on that map switch will be a few seconds longer. Please rejoin the server manually if you are not reconnecting.

- Stuck Request

Humans can now type !zstuck or !stuck to sent a request to admins in game. Admins accept or deny the request.
Once accepted, the player is teleported to a random human, on denial nothing happens. This should make things much easier for both players and admins to handle stuck situations.
Important notes:
  • Only one request can be active at the same time
  • There is a protection if the requester is infected right before a teleport. He simply is brought back as human
  • Abusive uses of this command might result in a gag
  • A request is up for 6 seconds before it expires

- Happy Hour

Happy Hour now starts 1 hour later in the morning, ends 1 hour earlier in the afternoon and also starts 1 hour later in the evening and ends 1 hour later in the night.
Basically : 8am-1pm and 11pm-4am server time

- Zombies Settings

Doubled the HP Regen of Zombies. From 6 HP per 0.4 seconds to 0.2 seconds. That's 1.8k HP per minute. The goal is to give Zombies some decent health back when they are not shoot at during fallbacks, boss fights, etc.
Also added 2.5k extra HP (from 10k to 12.5k HP).

Introducing: New MotherZombies
  • Added an aura around every MotherZombie that doubles the HP Regen of any Zombie nearby
  • This means MotherZombies have double HP Regen all the time since they are always in their own aura
  • Keep in mind this effect doesn't stack. It doesn't matter if you stay next to 1 or several MotherZombies, the HP Regen stays doubled
  • Added 5k extra HP (from 20k to 25k HP)
  • MotherZombies have a unique Skin now for other Zombies to spot them easily

- Map Leader

We added 4 unique Pings that can be placed by the current Leader.
The Pings consist of Blue Skull, Yellow Star, Red Cross and White Moon.

The Ping Menu has been added to the Leader Menu and can also be directly accessed by typing !pingmenu by the Leader or Admins. All pings are automatically removed when a round ends.
Keep also in mind that replacing a Ping will delete the old one.

Futhermore the Star Ping is set as the "default" Ping. The current Leader can quickly place it simply by spraying. This feature should help the Leader to fastly deploy one ping while being busy leading or defending.

- Weapons Changes

TMP clip size has now 50 bullets (we increased it to 40 last year).
USP clip size got increased from 12 to 18 bullets.

Buffed knockback of shotguns and knife.

- Cash Manager

New plugin added to the server made by Dogan. We added this to hopefully bring a new way of gameplay.
Your cash get reset to $10000 when a round begins.
Cash per damage multiplier has been set to 0.33. It means if you deal 100 damage, you got $33.
Reward for getting a trigger is $600.
We don't only want to reward defenders but also players who are going for the triggers, which is still beneficial to the team.

Note that this is a sort of nerf for rebuys on most of maps (except very long maps/stages).

- Boss Damage

Doubled cash per hit on bosses with the implementation of Cash Manager.
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(read red only for tl:dr)

- Map Votes

Vote time increased from 25 to 40 seconds. We want to give players more seconds to take the time to vote when votes happen during inappropriate moments such as bossfights.

- First Infection

Added the horde sound from Left 4 Dead when MotherZombies spawn. Type !zss to disable/enable it.

- Weapons Changes

TMP clip size reduced from 50 to 45 bullets.
Increased the prize of TMP from $1250 to $1800.
Famas clip size increased from 25 to 40 bullets.
M4 clip size reduced from 45 to 40 bullets.
Shotguns now deal 15% more damage to make them more useful.

- Nominations Changes

We reworked on the restrictions on few maps.
Check this to be updated on them : https://unloze.com/mapchooser_css_ze/mapchooser_extended.cfg

A 1 map cooldown has been added inbetween each boatescape maps.

- Zombies Settings

Zombies no longer drown and therefore take any damage from it.
Zombies can now use this advantage to stay low in water and sneak up to Humans without getting slowed by any drown damage.

- KnifeBan Plugin

New plugin by Dogan.
From now on troll knifers will most likely end up in a knifeban rather than a regular ban.
Knifebanned players can simply not knife any Zombies as Human, but will be able to play on the server. Keep in mind we are slowly switching to this new tool and you can still end up in a regular ban by knifing Zombies forward.
The lengths on these knifebans will be increased drastically compared to regular bans.
Knifebanned players can still knife on knife_fun and Nemesis maps.
Don't take this as an opportunity, a permanent knifeban could be applied very fast on regular knifers.

- Bhop Limitation for NoSteam Players

We disabled bhop on NoSteam players, mostly to prevent them having advantages regarding bhop hacks.
Check this thread if you are a NoSteam player and want your bhop enabled : https://unloze.com/threads/nosteam-bhop-white-listing.2325/
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(read red only for tl:dr)

- First Infection

Removed the horde sound from Left 4 Dead when MotherZombies spawn.
The randomizer has been reworked a bit. Players have now little bit less chance for becoming MotherZombie when they join during a map.

- Weapons Changes

MAC10 clip size increased from 30 to 40 bullets.
Increased the prize of MP5 from $1500 to $1850.
Increased UMP and XM1014 knockback.

- Maps Nominations Changes

We changed few restrictions on some maps.

Added the following maps to mapcycle :
- ze_8bit_v5b
- ze_boacceho_p4s
- ze_ffxiv_pharos_sirius_css
- ze_ffxiv_wanderers_palace_v6css
- ze_scp_containment_breach_v1_b02
- ze_uchiha_legacy_v1_3f
- ze_vile_sewers_a3

A 1 map cooldown has been added inbetween each atix maps.

Avalanche, rizomata and surf_froyo have now 4 extends.

Nemesis maps, atix_helicopter and atix_panic have now a 55 MaxPlayers restriction. You can not nominate them if there are more than 55 players on the server.

- entWatch

Items dropped to the ground have now a little colored beacon around the pistols to notice them better (by Neon).

- Race Timer

Updated by jenz : https://racetimerweb.unloze.com/#/leaderboard/

- Hide Plugin

Added Hide plugin which allows you to hide your nearby teammates.
There are 3 different ranges. Type !hide to access the menu.

- ZSkills

Zammo has been removed.

- Grenade Settings

Decreased max burn duration of nades from 5 to 3 seconds.
Reminder that a nade needs to deal at least 50 damage to make a zombie burn with this max duration.

- FallDamage

Enabled falldamage on the following maps :
- ze_ancient_wrath_v1_fix2
- ze_ffvii_mako_reactor_v5_3
- ze_sunlight_v2_0
- ze_tesv_skyrim_v4fix

- AirAccelerate

Increased sv_airaccelerate from 12 to 16.
Hello, we decided to change map restrictions around again. For now we removed all VIP restrictions from maps and also removed all map excluding commands. That means for example playing one final fantasy map will not put another final fantasy map on cooldown for example. Other example is playing paranoid will not put mountain on cooldown and vice versa. Maybe we change this again in the future if we think its needed.
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