Casper's admin application (not really a ghost :P)

CasperTheGhost Sep 23, 2020

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  1. CasperTheGhost

    CasperTheGhost Junior Admin Junior Admin VIP

    General Information

    Nickname: Casper
    Age: 22
    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:19662044
    Server(s) you are applying for: ZE
    Current Activity: I have just finished my university degree a few days ago and so I have lots of free time. I play randomly at both high and low-pop hours and my time zone is GMT+1.
    Why do you want to be an admin?

    My primary concern is helping during really low-pop hours when there usually aren't any admins on. My focus would be intervening in situations where rounds have reached a stalemate for whatever reason and an admin MUST act, such as when zombies don't get killed in end of round nukes. It is not my intention to be a ban-heavy admin as I do not have as much experience as some of the other players and my judgement is not without fault. Also my mom says she would disown me if I don't get Unloze admin :struppipls:

    I am also working on a large-scale map and it would be useful to have access to commands when it is ready to test, I noticed NoStar struggle with this issue at times.

    What past experience do you have and other things that would benefit us having you as an admin?

    I hosted a 100-player server on the roleplaying action game Space Station 13 for a few months, as well as leading a team of spriters, coders and admins. As a mapper, I have knowledge of console commands that could prove useful.

    Can you play during edgy hours?

    My sleep schedule is random but I often play during both high-pop and dead server hours.

    Imagine you as a brand new admin, you suspect a player to inflate on purpose.

    Should it look like a player is inflating, I would watch their actions for a round or two, if the behaviour persists then I would investigate their past history. On their first infraction I would verbally warn them, if this is the second time in recent history I would warn and kick. On the third time I would give a temporary ban, or if their behaviour showed no sign of improvement then I would talk with a more experienced admin to consider a permanent ban.

    Other stuff and/or last words.

    I have only been on Unloze for a few months but I believe I have made an impression, hopefully this will be something to do until I get a job. I am on discord if I am needed for any reason.
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  2. Rippër

    Rippër Admin Admin

    Night Admin confirmed :pepocheer:
  3. Jan

    Jan Admin Admin VIP

    Very active player, especially in unpopular hours! Always helpful and is huge fun to talk to. Big +1 from me!
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  4. Vanster

    Vanster kyōfu wo oshiete yarō Senior Admin

    Very well written application and also a promising candidate!
    We will reply to you as soon as possible.
    Thank you for taking your time in writing your application!
  5. ForLornツ

    ForLornツ VIP VIP

    :hyperclap:Cheering for u Casper :hyperclap:
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  6. tom13king

    tom13king Admin Admin

    +1 active.
  7. IgglePiggle

    IgglePiggle VIP VIP

  8. Cool guy +1
  9. Vanster

    Vanster kyōfu wo oshiete yarō Senior Admin

    Sorry for the delay. We will reply soon.
  10. CasperTheGhost

    CasperTheGhost Junior Admin Junior Admin VIP

    No rush, thanks for all the feedback!
  11. Migza

    Migza Senior Admin Senior Admin VIP

    Hi Casper.

    Your application has been ACCEPTED.
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