Announcement Announcement/ potential discussion regarding zacade's return to unloze staff


UNLOZE Founder
Oct 11, 2016
I think this is worthy of a thread as zacade has done a lot of good work for both unloze and zombie escape in overall with his technical experience. This is mainly in regards to his contributions on plugins, configuration files, mapping related tasks and him generally helping people when they ask him something. We are planning on returning zuff as developer here since he seems motivated to return. it is also nice in my opinion to see him more around again. Those of you who already played here for multiple years might remember some of zacade's ingame usage of admin powers. Since zacade returned as veteran admin some months ago has his ingame behavior been generally acceptable so far. I hope there are no too big confrontations that would await us in the future if we as expected make him developer again and give him access to unloze backend.

The only confrontations that there would be potentially are regarding ingame abuse. I and the rest of staff who know zuff trust him fully that he never would have any bad intentions about fucking the server over or unloze in general. We cant exactly do much preparation to prevent harm in case that admin ingame abuse would go over a line again. At best we would enforce the old method of temporary demotions.

His return would no doubt be very beneficial for the development of unloze and i am looking forward to it.
It was good times with zacade, he also helped when the Server was in constant Warmup rounds for 2 hrs. Thanks zacade btw.