Announcement 8th anniversary


UNLOZE Founder
Oct 11, 2016
Yo guys, today its been 8 years. i dont plan on writing a long thread like last year. Some changes happened, new features got introduced, old features got removed. some people left, some people returned, some new people joined. I hope still to get some things to run like one week free vip for everybody. over the weekend maybe also some special maps. Sorry that it wont really be longer than this for now. Its cool that you guys still stick around as you do. Peace
Alright for this weekend all map restrictions and cooldowns should be removed. Everybody should also have free vip until next friday, 23rd june.
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I would also like tonight or tomorrow to play zombie hunting on several standard maps (cs_/de_). Unfortunately its time consuming to figure out what removes T spawn points so we cant really have vanilla CSS that easily. Maybe some dev has time today to look into it so it could happen tomorrow.