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  1. Martin

    i dont even know which thread it shld belong to

    if I remember correctly thats just an unfortunate side effect of giving nosteamers access on the server, and it happens to everyone, but shouldn't happen too often as an example it happens to me maybe every 100-200 hours
  2. Martin

    Event #359 || Nomination Thread

    5 barbossa on 6th stage too right (god kraken)?
  3. Martin

    Skins Poll 2022 - Which Humans Skins to remove

    rip mona, you will be missed :feelsbadman:
  4. Martin

    Martin // Admin application

    1. General Information. -Nickname: Martin -Age: 25 -Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:25505439 -Server(s) you are applying for: ZE -Current Activity: Pretty consistently 5-6 hours everyday. 2. Why do you want to be an admin? I care a lot about this community, which is natural when you spend a lot good...
  5. Martin

    Event #342 || "Spicy Regular Maps"

    Give my vip reward to Mini. please STEAM_0:1:429610828
  6. Martin

    What's the player that you miss more in Css?

    nayuta (previously named yuna/apo), was a god at ze, but moved onto bhop/kz WRs. Was one of my early inspirations in improving my movement skills in ze, akin to players like encap and lightweight hiker is nowadays.
  7. Martin

    2022 Zombie Escape balance Voting

    Thats a very good idea actually matsuki.
  8. Martin

    2022 Zombie Escape balance Voting

    I decided to vote for the well-being of the average player, so I voted to buff humans. Its pretty common that good zombies go on rampages/trim most of the new players as a zombie by them not having binds for rebuys, so adding more money wouldn't help. I like what most people have said already...
  9. Martin

    Lifeblood of Zombie Escape bots

    Please consider removing the bots, they ruin gameplay when server has low population -> people leave and dont come back
  10. Martin

    Event #297 || Nomination Thread

    Slow Lord of the Rings ze_lotr_mines_of_moria_v6_3testfix ze_lotr_mount_doom_v3 ze_lotr_helms_deep_v5 Special kickers: Mines of Moria: ring carrier moves at half speed -> stage fails if carrier dies Mount Doom: ring stage only, ring carrier moves at half speed, no light-item, and Nazgul has...
  11. Martin

    Event #296 || "Fishing Season"

    gift my reward to STEAM_0:0:26537230
  12. Martin

    Rank Reset

  13. Martin

    skin admin

    yeah its pretty ugly if you look at it closely. the black cover on his face is actually just paint, and not an actual piece of clothing. it used to be one of the admin skins on i3D server:
  14. Martin

    "!zclass" bug

    There is currently a small bug where normal players (or vips only?) can equip admin skin "Tesla Power Armour". edit: potentially false alarm. upon map change it has been automatically fixed. perhaps its linked to boatescape map only?
  15. Martin

    The Zombie Riot server has been revived

    Would it maybe be possible to remove the bots from the hlstatsx/ranks? seen by typing top 12 on the server or on this url
  16. Martin

    Could you join me please?

    you can write/chat on this forum, but when you are playing on server you can't write/chat because you don't actually own the game.
  17. Martin

    Server Settings

    welp. no more mount doom glitching for us humans
  18. Martin

    Possible Grenade Change?!

    New green nade system isnt fool-proof. If someone throws a nade and go through a teleport, the zombies will get failnaded if the teleport lead to an area on the map that is "behind" the zombies. I just died on pirates with bubble because of this. Just wanted to mention in case its an easy fix.
  19. Martin

    Event #61|| Course map #1

    Ah, in that case my bad. I had no idea :P Good job @kikkus :) Happy to take 4th place even if theres no reward.
  20. Martin

    Event #61|| Course map #1

    I was 3rd on bob2 - not kikkus.