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  1. jenz

    Cant join unloze server

    try deleting your materials and models folder, maybe also try to delete your sound folder. Also you need legit css client or nosteam v90. if you use v32 nosteam you cant connect.
  2. jenz

    Night-Event || "Let's Jenz"

    that title lmao
  3. jenz

    Gifting Event VIP Has Returned

    Hello guys, we plan again to remove the option of gifting your event vip to somebody else. This is simply due to the fact that we are making less income than what the unloze machines cost to run. For now it will be removed until our financial situation can allow us to enable it again. We might...
  4. jenz

    Event #369 || "jenz's Event Managing be like"

    thx man, very much appreciated
  5. jenz

    Announcement Announcement/ potential discussion regarding zacade's return to unloze staff

    I think this is worthy of a thread as zacade has done a lot of good work for both unloze and zombie escape in overall with his technical experience. This is mainly in regards to his contributions on plugins, configuration files, mapping related tasks and him generally helping people when they...
  6. jenz

    CS:S ZE Public Changelog

    Sorry for the delay but we finally got hlstats reset now. 1# Rippër - STEAM_0:0:34919777 2# Legatus Legion - STEAM_0:0:422195309 3# fuZy - STEAM_0:1:160715508 4# vac - STEAM_0:0:10673944 5# Moray - STEAM_0:0:84323061 6# RiM4LDiX - STEAM_0:0:19856954 7# Boris le crmeux - STEAM_0:0:507250309...
  7. jenz

    CS:S ZE Public Changelog

    We expect somewhen soonish to give out rewards for hlstats. The top 5 will keep the reward skin permanently meanwhile top15 receive it for the new approaching session.
  8. jenz

    CS:S ZE Public Changelog

    Hello, we decided to change map restrictions around again. For now we removed all VIP restrictions from maps and also removed all map excluding commands. That means for example playing one final fantasy map will not put another final fantasy map on cooldown for example. Other example is playing...
  9. jenz

    Nemesis mode

    as neon would say, i3d is dead get over it
  10. jenz

    (´・ω・)╭∩╮fuck u

  11. jenz

    ZE rank rewards

    Aloha, We discussed a bit today about rank rewards and thought that we would like introducing that top5 in a season can keep the rank reward playermodel permanently instead of only for the season. Meanwhile we would like to reduce the amount of people who can have the rank reward for a season...
  12. jenz

    Update about VAC

    Aloha, After speaking with staff and admins a couple of times about VAC protection on ze we decided to have a test period. Both some of the admins and staff think it might be a silly idea but generally i got greenlight for running a testing period where VAC is disabled on ze. Just like when we...
  13. jenz

    Rooftop runaway default air accelerate

    Well thanks for participating. Rooftop runaway2 now has sv_airaccelerate 150 as default.
  14. jenz

    Meta talk about senior admin role and its functionality

    @levi yoi hai has joined us as junior admin.
  15. jenz

    Nosteam and Zombie Escape

    ok after some short discussing today we decided to pre-maturely end this attempt. We are going back to nosteam again meaning that some players will experience the same kicks again.
  16. jenz

    Nosteam and Zombie Escape

    well thats steam kicking him instead of the anti spoof protection kicking him. Shrug.
  17. jenz

    Nosteam and Zombie Escape

    Well sony should had received his copy of css now. Either way we might abruptly switch back to supporting nosteam again since this first day had worse population than usual. We will see how population does tomorrow. If its also very bad tomorrow we most likely go back to enabling nosteam. In...
  18. jenz

    Nosteam and Zombie Escape

    check discord message @SONY
  19. jenz

    Nosteam and Zombie Escape

    link me your steam so i can add you
  20. jenz

    Nosteam and Zombie Escape

    @SONY add me on steam and i can buy you css