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  1. masotflikr

    2022 Zombie Escape balance Voting

    ZCleanse makes things alot fairer fot ZM. Even with ZCleanse it is not very effective against fire items as the fire stacks. ZCleanse should stay in my opinion
  2. masotflikr

    2022 Zombie Escape balance Voting

    Nades are fine. If u are increasing amount of nades increase ZCleanse
  3. masotflikr

    Event #342 || Nomination Thread

    go hard or go home ze_ffxiv_wanderers_palace_v5 ze_rizomata ze_S_A_M
  4. masotflikr

    2022 Zombie Escape balance Voting

    No nerf humans or buff zm?
  5. masotflikr

    Mini-Event || "ze_A_e_s_t_h_e_t_i_c_v1_1s"

    Mini events are good, but having them so late means night pop and people who want to win the map will play. In a normal event, its usually only people who want to win. I suggest having it slightly earlier will encourage more skilled players to join.
  6. masotflikr

    Event #341 || Nomination Thread

    Sewer Escape ze_infected_sewers ze_vile_sewers ze_sewer_escape_2012 ze_biohazard2_sewer kickers: hellz settings on all maps
  7. masotflikr

    :harambe: :angerynut:

    :harambe: :angerynut:
  8. masotflikr

    Event UNLOZE 7th Anniversary Mega-Event

    Unlone? @Rippër
  9. masotflikr

    What is your favorite movie?

    man can u stop bumping dead threads
  10. masotflikr

    Event #339 || Poll

    fdp i never use any alt
  11. masotflikr

    Where does your nickname come from?

    My nickname comes from my old email, and where I got the name for the email from i dont remember now
  12. masotflikr

    Event #339 || Nomination Thread

    Film Combo ze_indiana_jones ze_jurrasic_park_story ze_potcIV ze_shawnofthedead_v11
  13. masotflikr

    Mini-Event || "Predeadcore"

    pls explain more. when random VIP given?
  14. masotflikr

    Mini-Event || "ze_Frostdrake_tower"

    im guessing william planned this event :harambe:
  15. masotflikr

    After multiple requests:I decided to apply for it, Here I am!

    -1 only 20 hours on server, and the name of servers you were admin on would be helpful.
  16. masotflikr

    Events : Ideas & Opinions

    LONG TEXT I get that you are trying to get everyone opinions, but do you know all of the maps? Both maps have bosses, and the lack of kevlar will give a sense of impossibility, especially seeing as bosses have fire and posion attacks. Visualizer is a very colourful map. Title doesn't really...
  17. masotflikr

    Event #335 || Nomination Thread

    vehicle escape ze_boatescape_remix ze_thousand_steps ze_trainstation_tunnels ze_infected_tramway ze_magic_carpet zm_atix_helicopter ze_elevator_escape ze_UT_Convoy All maps must be beaten within 2 tries, Except for convoy, which will have 10 tries
  18. masotflikr

    Events : Ideas & Opinions

    why not just post nominations when there is thread?
  19. masotflikr

    simple app

    +1 he doesnt troll and is a good person all round. I am looking forward to seeing you as admin
  20. masotflikr

    Shitpost Section