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  1. Rognus™

    Event#122 Rizomata&Tyranny

    Shouldn't GMT+2 be 7pm 5 pm GMT+0 // 6 pm GMT+1 // 6 pm GMT+2 (Amsterdam time)
  2. Rognus™

    Help Needed Attempt To Re-Populate The CS:GO Server

    The dev of ZR said with that cvar you don't need to use movement unlocker or his knockback fix. You will get high vel only from boosters, surf and kb I believe but you won't keep the vel when you land
  3. Rognus™

    Help Needed Attempt To Re-Populate The CS:GO Server

    No need to have movement unlocker or knockback fix just this cvar sv_clamp_unsafe_velocities 0 (might need to edit the kb in the cfg again).
  4. Rognus™

    Weapon Management CS:GO (Important)

    If they get added the knockback should get decreased
  5. Rognus™

    Announcement Admin Meeting Results

    Well for start the Narator is not working, surf broken, ze_death_star_escape_v4_3_p2 has high gravity not able to jump boxes to make progress and thats all the bugs that im aware of
  6. Rognus™

    Announcement Admin Meeting Results

    Congrats to both of you! The activity on CSGO ZE has went down to 4 players average online even with no-steam enabled (players are busy or moved on to a new server) and don't think the bugs have been fixed .
  7. Rognus™

    Admin meeting 5-11-2017

    The ones who are suitable are busy with university.
  8. Rognus™

    Admin meeting 5-11-2017

    Regular events on CS:GO ZE would be nice more people will start playing there. Now it's living of from no-steam players. And ban that annoying Driver :lul:
  9. Rognus™

    One word story.