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  1. Jan

    Event #281 || "Save us from the german soldiers"

    Please do the same as Shizruo for my vips. Ty
  2. Jan

    New event kicker idea : Stick together team!

    Amazing work Dogan :pepocheer: Now make it so we automatically give vip for events xd
  3. Jan

    Event #280 || "2021 Update"

    Most accounts have unlinked their steam account. Please reassociate it @ All VIP rewards have been handed out to those with a forum account! Associate your Steam account here to get your VIP in-game:
  4. Jan

    Event #280 || "2021 Update"

    Monkey. u have admin. U can at least abuse :I
  5. Jan

    Event #280 || "2021 Update"

    Note : Diamond is made under pressure Don't forget to join the CS:S Zombie Escape Server on Saturday the 10th of April 2021. The hour will be 5 pm GMT+0. You can convert to your own timezone by using one of this website: You can also follow...
  6. Jan

    yuben Application

    Id like to inform you that you have been ACCEPTED @Yuben Please reach out to me on discord or steam so we can move to the next step.
  7. Jan

    shoutbox ?

    Kidel it works. wooooow yeeh woowo
  8. Jan

    Bass heavy songs

    UK Drills. Don't drive with these songs, you skrt skrt.
  9. Jan

    Temple Raider Mini-Event

    Il give mine to someone random. Il remove my vip.
  10. Jan

    shoutbox ?

    ur face is a pepe:peepowink:
  11. Jan

    shoutbox ?

    If anyone else has an issue with shoutbox. let me know. There are only a few who would have this issue because they joined the first shoutbox.
  12. Jan

    shoutbox ?
  13. Jan

    shoutbox ?

    The forum is currently is work on progress status. Not all features are available. But at least you can make threads :bobross:
  14. Jan

    salaam alaikum

    salaam alaikum
  15. Jan


    Please make sure to place the JanHud[Color] folder in custom. Not the whole thing. Made it much clearer with the new update.
  16. Jan


    The main thing, Updated with the new IP.
  17. Jan

    Event #277 || Insert a too long nomination name here aka Isengard Marathon Mode

    I have to do it manually, but if you want to give it to someone, just PM me or post their forum name here we will fix it:oceanman:
  18. Jan

    Event #277 || Insert a too long nomination name here aka Isengard Marathon Mode

    Btw, I will gift all my VIPs from now on to randoms players on the server.
  19. Jan

    Event #277 || Insert a too long nomination name here aka Isengard Marathon Mode

    I'm in the screenshot. I feel violated. Don't expose me like this maus :(
  20. Jan

    Event #276 || Loot Box Escape

    I donate mine to some random player on the server. I will hand it out myself. :D