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  1. 4Echo

    ze_chandrila - Devlog

    I'd figure I would start to write up a devlog of ze_chandrila, my thoughts during development as keeping a thread open for suggestions for the map. So... What is ze_chandrila? ze_chandrila is a zombie escape map (duh!) , a recreation of a specific level from the game Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy...
  2. 4Echo

    Admin... 4Echo? Who was that again?

    1. General Information. -Nickname: 4Echo -Age: 23 -Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:22370494 -Server(s) you are applying for: ZE, obviously -Current Activity: Full-time 3d art freelance (I model guns and stuff, technical art is also my jam) 2. Why do you want to be an admin? I like ZE and I dig the server...