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  1. Revo

    Good mivies to watch?

    Part 2 already out? :0
  2. Revo

    Event #309 || "Time to Finish the Book"

    finally lysa mic lead on event
  3. Revo

    Good mivies to watch?

  4. Revo

    Event #308 || "Not beaten yet here #2"

    "not beaten yet here" events are the best events
  5. Revo

    Event #308 || Nomination Thread

    If you're going to include my maps from the previous nomination thread Kickers: on ze_rizomata_s2 bhop on on every part of the map
  6. Revo

    Event #307 || "Johnny's Ratescape"

    Gift my VIP to player @love
  7. Revo

    Event #307 || Poll

  8. Revo

    Event #307 || Nomination Thread

    CS:GO MAPS ze_rizomata_s2 ze_totemo_roka_b5s kicker : none (unless someone suggests a decent one that can go with the maps)
  9. Revo

    Event #305 || "3 easy, 2 medium, 1 hard. All underplayed."

    Gift my VIP to @iszaar the Romanian defender
  10. Revo

    Good mivies to watch?

    Pacific Rim 1 & 2 pretty futuristic/science fiction good looking movies and there's a female character called mako in it
  11. Revo

    Event # 305 || Nomination Thread

    I would like to put the spotlight on bane's nomination i think it will be the next event
  12. Revo

    Why You Still Playing Cs:s in 2021 ?

    that was the end of ZED the sound board spammer you will be remembered RIP
  13. Revo

    Event #300 || "Into The Darkness"

    easy event we won in approximately two hours
  14. Revo

    Event #298 || Poll

    Oh no surf VIP mode
  15. Revo

    Event #299 l l The New Beginning

    @Glacius kapp
  16. Revo

    [ZE] OtonikaK's Application for admoon

    +1 ma meuf
  17. Revo

    Event #296 || "Fishing Season"

    gift my fished VIP to raouf
  18. Revo

    !sm plugin

    Harry Turner is bomec
  19. Revo

    Event #295 || "Deathly Hallows"

    u can gift my vip to katawa boy since i have perma VIP
  20. Revo

    Event #293 || "Mission: protect the VIP"

    cant wait to be the VIP !