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  1. Glacius

    Meme Event #70 || "KEKW"

    Testing Discord Integration
  2. Glacius

    Meme Event #69 | | "OMEGALUL"

    Testing Discord Integration
  3. Glacius

    Unloze Forum Vote

    We are going to prepare for a new forum / upgrade of our current forum. We've had talks about which forum software to use going forward, but the leadership hasn't reached a full agreement on what the best option would be. Thus, I'm making this thread to ask you, the community to vote on what...
  4. Glacius

    Announcement Xenforo 2 & Forum Changes

    So, I decided to make this post to inform the community on the upcoming changes to the forum. We've decided to switch to Xenforo 2. This is a massive change, and will re-shape the forum. Now, I've been waiting for the author of our current theme to update their files, but they seem to be MIA...
  5. Glacius

    Jump height poll.

    People have been crying about this for quite a while now. This vote will decide whether we should keep the current setting or not. The backstory is, that the jump height we had originally, was reduced back to 1.00 due to an attempt to reduce the false positives the new AntiBhopHack -detection...
  6. Glacius

    Associate your Discord with forum.

    Please associate your forum account with your Discord account on the "External Accounts" page on the forum. If you do not do this, you won't have your rank / title on Discord. Thank you in advance. For those who haven't connected to our Discord, here is the link;
  7. Glacius

    Official UNLOZE Discord

    I'm just going to leave this here. Unloze now has a Discord -server alongside TeamSpeak 3. If you're interested in taking part, please join us using the following link;
  8. Glacius

    Razor Blade Child Theme Poll

    So. Right now, we have Blue, Green & Orange theme colors for Razor Blade. I still have Red, Purple & Yellow available. I'm willing to add them one by one, but I want the community to vote which color should be next. Let the dankest color win! Here is a picture of the colors:
  9. Glacius

    Harry Potter v2_1 Beaten!

    Well, we did a mini event on Harry Potter, and this happened after 4 hours and 35 rounds. Good job, everyone! Legit fucking win. World first. Holy fuck I'm proud of this team.
  10. Glacius

    Xenforo Theme Poll

    We've given members of the community time to post their theme suggestions, and now is the time to vote! I'm going to list view-able demos of each theme here, so you can check them out before you vote. IMPORTANT: Make sure to check both themes out before you vote. Your vote can not be changed...
  11. Glacius

    Request Forum Changes

    Please post here in case you have any ideas for the forums, be it big or small. If something seems off to you, or you see anything broken on the forums, try to take a picture and post it in this thread. I will review all ideas and most likely implement them. Edit: Please do not post requests...
  12. Glacius

    Forum Badges

    I've finally finished doing the forum badges for Xenforo, and I'd like to show the community what we've got. I'm just going to list the badges and how to get them, and will update the list every time we get new one(s). Leaders manage and run the community as the highest entity. Directors...
  13. Glacius

    Xenforo Theme Suggestions

    Currently, we're using a free Xenforo theme that I've set up, before we vote for a new, more permanent forum theme. If you're not happy about the current one, and would know a theme you would like Unloze to use, please post a link to it here. Also, we would like to hear why you think the theme...